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Basic Category for Customer

USP(Unique selling point or Highlight feature of the product)
 Target Group of prospective buyers
Target age group, gender class
Other competitive brands, and there USP
Price factor compared to the cost of other brands
Rank of positioning of the product in the market compare to the other competitor brands
Payoff Line
Any particular choice of words that the client would like to se whatever
Any specific massage/offer propane to be conveyed through the ad
Does client want a concept based a jingle base AD. If so then what type: family, collage and social    gathering/romantic/comic/serous.
Proposed range of budget for the commercial/Print media/duration 3-4 Lac, 7-8 Lac, 10-15 Lac or more.
Availability of the product according to season? Whether all season product or only for specific season.
Make sure at least two-cover pack of the product and brochures/catalog.
Previous all ad necessary.
Whether any commercial is to use as reference, if so then a copy of that ad is necessary.
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