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Increased wealth and expectations have created an enormous appetite for financial services and new financial products are launched every day. So, it is more necessary then ever to pinpoint a product's potential and identity and identify the audience to whom it will appeal.

One of our key strengths is our analytical eye - that is, the ability to capture the most significant essentials of complex financial data relating to corporate performance, services, instruments and other specifics.

We also bring to the task a close familiarity with the investing community and financial markets and with the norms regulating such communications and promotion along with the creative skills to deliver campaigns that influence investors' decisions, both institutional and retail.

We bring that proficiency to diverse communication needs, including those of IPOs, banking products, mergers & acquisitions, buy-back offers, mutual fund schemes, open offers, financial results advertising and much more.

We have consistently featured among the country's top financial advertising agencies. Today, we rank among India's most experienced and respected agencies in financial advertising with an outstanding track record. And a truly remarkable portfolio.

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