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Our record includes substantial volumes of advertising for the Government of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh, at both the centre and state levels.

It's a body of work that continues to grow, spanning recruitment ads, special announcements, event-based notices, tender solicitations, public instruction, tourism promotion, specialized communications for particular Ministries and Departments, and many others.

Working with central government bodies and different departments of various Ministries in India calls for a highly structured approch in adherence to various systems and procedures, without compromising on creativity and response time. Over the years, we have organised and trained our 'special' teams so they are always upto the task.

It is not surprising that we have an enviable client portfolio in this segment.

Such as :
  • Power Grid Company of Bangladesh (PGCB)
  • Export Promotion Bearue of Bangladesh (EPB)
  • Ministry of Commerce (MC)
  • MilkVita
  • National Board of Revenue (NBR)

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